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The Imagine FTP Site

Tutorial: Modeling a Double-tubbed sink

New Object: Cordless Phone

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Upload DateFile NameDirectorySizeInfo
April 27thEven More vids-pics by a. capus/vids-picsVariousRead Me
April 6thstingray.smk/vids-pics320 KbRead Me
April 6thSmackplw.exe/utilities75 KbRead Me
January 12thMore vids-pics by a. capus/vids-picsVariousRead Me
November 24thIIB.lha/amiga1077 KbRead Me
September 12thvids-pics by a. capus/vids-picsVariousRead Me
July KbRead Me

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Castle Tower

Our Lab computer's splash screen.

My entry for Conny's Metals and Checks contest.
I actually got fourth place. Amazing! =)

My entry for Conny's Kitchen Sink contest.
Fourth place is becoming a habit for me.

Amiga RC5 Team

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